Annie Sloan’s gilded trunk step by step

As I look through my jam packed calendar each year the one event that is always a constant joy to see in there is The Handmade Fair. This will be my third year attending this brilliantly colourful occasion and I can honestly say that each year I come away feeling inspired and filled to the brim with cherished memories. This year I’m thrilled to be bringing along a couple of extra special guests with me who I’ll be in conversation with at The Super Theatre, including the wondrous Cressida Bell!

Here’s a quick little step by step of mine using my Gilding Wax to warm you up for the big event!

My Gilding Wax comes in five colours: Warm Gold, Bright Gold, Dark Silver, Bright Silver and Copper. Whatever colour you choose, the wax is perfect for bringing out carvings and details on furniture – or even for doing something a little more adventurous, just like this painted trunk!

This project comes from my son, Felix, who works with me at Annie Sloan HQ and is the co-author on my book ‘Room Recipes for Style and Colour’. He transformed this old chest with Chalk Paint® and three Gilding Wax colours. I love the contrast between the Gilding Wax and the rich blues he painted on the chest. The overall look is modern and bohemian.

If you’d like to try this project at home, you will need:

Step One

– Using a Pure Bristle Brush, paint your trunk in Aubusson Blue all over, moving the brush in every direction to create a textured finish.

Step Two

– Once the paint has dried, use my frottage technique to create a distressed look. Mix water with Graphite to around the quantity of single cream. Moving quickly, paint an area with this wash and then before it has dried, place a crumpled piece of newspaper over the top. Gently remove the newspaper to reveal the patterned paintwork underneath. Repeat all over the piece. Paint little squares in Florence on the bottom corners of the trunk.

Step Three

– Once you are happy with the paint finish, apply a quick coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax all over.

Step Four

– Use masking tape to mark out your design for gilding. Make sure to gently place the tape down so as to not remove any of your lovely paintwork when you peel it back!

Step Five

– Apply Gilding Wax using a wax brush, working the wax in as you go. You want to create movement in the finish so apply all three waxcolours unevenly, highlighting different areas with Copper in some places or Bright Gold in another. Don’t be afraid if some of the blue paintwork shows through, you want the overall look to feel aged and distressed. If you have brushed any Gilding Wax in a place you didn’t want it to appear, you can use Clear Chalk Paint® Wax as an eraser, applying it over the top and rubbing the excess away.

Step Six

– Once the Gilding Wax has dried, carefully remove the masking tape. And there you have it! If you want you extra shine, you can also give the whole surface a light buff the next day.

All done!