Guest blog: woven bracelets by Hawthorn Handmade

Our Pop-up Loom isn’t just great for woven wall hangings; it’s also the perfect tool to make your very own jewellery such as friendship bracelets and necklaces! Just as with a wall-hanging or home décor piece, you can choose your own colour way and materials to thread into the loom to make up your own bracelet. For this project, we’ve used our Lime & Pink Weaving Supply Pack.

To create your own woven bracelets, you will need:

- A loom

- Yarn (and any other materials you want to weave in!)

- Warp thread

- Tapestry needle

- Weaving comb

- A good pair of scissors

- Tea and biscuits (optional!)

1) Begin by warping your loom.

Each of our Weaving Supply Packs include warp thread, but cotton twine or string will also work. As you warp your loom, ensure it is tight enough to hold its shape, but not so tight that the shape distorts and the warp is pulled inwards as you move up the loom.

2) Weave 5cm up from the grooves

Rather than beginning your weave right at the start of the loom, for bracelets we recommend starting to weave about 5cm up from the grooves to ensure you have enough space at the top and bottom of the weave to create a tie for the completed bracelet.

3) Begin your weave with a twisted header stitch

This will ensure your weave is secure and doesn’t unravel. Depending on how wide you want your bracelet, begin weaving along the loom, making sure to leave space at the ends to tie the excess string.

4) Weaving for length

For jewellery, we recommend weaving for length rather than width to ensure the design is long enough to wrap around your wrist. Aim for approximately 5cm wide and 15cm long, and you can always add to this later if you want to wrap your bracelet several times.

5) Braided stitch and more

Each of our Weaving Supply Packs comes with a stitch guide, so beginners can incorporate lots of interesting stitches such as the braided stitch (which works fantastically with yarn and wool depending on how thick you want the completed the braid).

6) Finish with a twisted header

When completing, finish the final row with a twisted header just as you started to ensure it doesn’t unravel. Poke back any loose thread back through the sew, and stitch in on itself to secure. We’ve secured our bracelets by stitching little buttons at each end, but you could also experiment with sliding knots and beads to secure.