Handmade by Hannah: DIY Lavender Lingerie Fillers

I am very excited to have been handed the handmade baton over from my wonderful colleague Meg (from Meg’s Makes) to carry on the Handmade Fair Blog. Whilst living up to Meg’s Makes will be a definite challenge, I have been honing in on my handmade creativity and have some really great projects lined up to get stuck into.

A little bit about me:

Having been involved with a textiles start up, spending summers outside making handmade presents for birthdays and weddings, and through my own little projects here and there, I have come to love all things handmade. Regretfully I have neglected my sewing machine for a good few months since moving to London, getting some grounding as a graduate and learning the hum and drum. However, I have dusted off my Janome for my first post which is really quick and simple to make, and a lovely scented addition just in time for spring!


Last summer I received some really lovely lingerie drawer fillers as part of a wedding thank you goody bag. The bride provided every female party member with these little scented fillers and they were completely handmade. It made the gesture feel so much more personal and bespoke and I have loved using them in my drawers keeping my delicates fresh with the smell of lavender. I also discovered that these can be used as scented hand warmers (full credit to my friend who has perpetually cold hands). Just pop it in the microwave for a minute and enjoy!

What you will need:

- Sewing machine and thread (thread colour should match your material)

- Long grain rice

- Dried lavender

- Fabric of your choice (to be cut into two squares of 6 x 6 inches)

- Pins

- Scissors

- Pencil

- Ruler (or something square if you can’t locate your ruler like me…)


1. With your pencil, draw a 6 x 6 inch square on your fabric. I’m a bit miserly with my fabric and try not to waste much, especially when I find really lovely fabric like this Cath Kidston-esque fabric. Draw the square in the corner so that you can make the most of your fabric on later occasions. Cut around the square.

2. Pin the cut out square against your fabric and cut around for a second shape to match your first cut out.

3. Place the printed sides facing together and with your sewing machine, place the needle 1 cm in from the corner of your square and sew, straight stitch, along one side of the fabric.

4. Sew along the seam until you reach one cm from the end.

5. Repeat around the square until you reach the side where you started where you’ll need to stop about two inches from where you began. This will allow an opening large enough to fill with the rice/lavender.

6. Turn the fabric inside out through the opening so that you can now see the print on the outside and the seam is hidden.

7. Point the corners out to create your square shape.

8. Fill the bag with your rice and then lavender, not to the brim, but with enough room for it to feel a bit slinky. ¾ full.

9. Sew the opening to close the bag up.

10. I made a couple of smaller ones with ribbons, (I think it’s nice to mix it up a little!). For the ribbon, insert the ends inside the bag when you sew up the opening.