Making Time

For Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re launching a new project with The Handmade Fair, called Making Time. Making Time is all about encouraging you to make time for yourself, and time for making. We’re asking people to try half an hour of making every day for a week (or more), and see how it makes you feel.

We’re a big believer in the restorative power of making, and a recent survey by The Handmade Fair shows we’re not alone: Three in four people in the UK believe crafting can have a positive impact on your wellbeing, and - while you don’t need to be suffering from mental health issues to feel the benefits - a quarter of crafters told us making and crafting has helped them through a mental health issue like depression or anxiety.

It’s hard to realise how much of a difference just half an hour of crafting can make to your wellbeing until you try it for yourself, so we’re keen to get as many people on board as possible to put down their mobile phones, pick up their making materials and enter a world of relaxation, creativity and calm.

If you’re already doing this – good for you! We’re sure you’re reaping the rewards. Perhaps you could encourage friends or colleagues to give it a try?

New to making? We’ve got plenty of easy makes and inspiration on our blog to get you started. And there will also be a dedicated Making Time drop in area at The Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace, 14-16th September, where you’ll be able to take some time out to get creative at your own pace.

We also think it’s high time employers took advantage of the power of making – more than a third of crafters say it helps them deal with stress - which is why we’ve also created limited edition Handmade Fair Making Time Kits for employers to buy for their employees, with all proceeds going to mental health charity Mind, for just £20. Each kit should provide enough materials for between 10-20 people.
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