Meet Your Maker: Mr X Stitch

Since establishing his website in 2008, Mr X Stitch has been showcasing new talent in the world of textiles and stitch and has curated a number of stitch-based exhibitions in the UK and Ireland. A stitcher for over ten years, he is an internationally exhibited artist and the curator of PUSH Stitchery, featuring 30 contemporary embroidery artists from around the world. He has also written articles for textile publications across the world, including FiberArts magazine and Surface Design Journal, and is a regular guest on CrossStitcher magazine. He believes in the benefits of stitching, from both a relaxation and a sustainability perspective, and is honoured to introduce new artists that inspire and encourage new people to take to the needle and thread.

Join Mr X Stitch in the Super Theatre on Friday for the Mollie Makes Mash Up against Rachel Basinger, and the Autumn-themed Skills Workshop each day at 11.30am - 12.30pm for cross stitching.

1. What are you most excited about The Handmade Fair?

Seeing all the happy faces of people enjoying the assorted crafts. And maybe the Churros!

2. If you were a biscuit what would you be and why?

I’d be a dark chocolate hobnob. It truly is a superior biscuit.

3. What’s your biggest fear?

That Donald Trump becomes US President. Thankfully that’ll never happen.

4. What inspires you most?

The thousands of amazing needleworkers whose art I’ve been enjoying over the years.

5. Tell us something most people don’t know about you?

I’m a Reiki master.

6. What’s your greatest achievement?

The first issue of XStitch, my new cross stitch magazine, is pretty epic, but nothing compares to my new daughter, Flora.

7. What are you known for?

Being the Kingpin of Contemporary Embroidery.

8. Who would be on your dream dinner party guest list and why?

Kevin McCloud (I love architecture), Kelis (a singer and a chef, what’s not to love?), Stephen Fry (because you have to) and Stan Lee (Marvel comics creator because I’m a lifelong comics fan).