Meg’s Makes: Week 3 - Branch of beauty

For week 3, I thought I’d make something simple and fun (partly due to being incredibly short of time), and a little bit of wall art seemed the perfect place to start. I’ve been admiring an adorable ‘inspiration string’ I saw a few months ago, which Mollie Makes magazine suggested as a lovely way to start your year - creating a display of lots of little bits and bobs to keep you smiling. The main wall in my living room was looking slightly bare last week, but this little treat has spruced it up perfectly!

The only tricky part for me was embarking on a hunt for my perfect branch! There aren’t too many lying around on my residential street in Battersea, so last Saturday I set off on a stomp around Hampstead Heath and kept my eyes peeled for a terrific twig!

It’s a lovely little make for a Sunday afternoon, and would be great fun to do with kids especially! I’ve seen some fantastic versions on Pinterest, featuring lines of safari animals marching along the branch, and lots other really fun variations.

Here’s how you can make your own…



  • A beautiful branch!
  • Paint (we used grey Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)
  • Paintbrush
  • Coloured string + ribbon
  • Mini pegs
  • Your inspiration - flowers, cards, gift tags, pompoms, photos… Anything that brings a smile to your face.

TIME: 20 mins

COST: Nothing!


1. Dust off your branch and paint with whatever lucky colour you’ve chosen. Leave it out to dry - mine only took about 10 mins with the chalk paint.

2. Tie a generous length of beautiful string or ribbon around each end, to act as the hanger.

3. Tie varying lengths (and colours) of string along the branch, which you’ll use to hang your fun little features.

4. Clip a mini peg to each item you’re going to hang - you could also paint the pegs in bright colours. I used things like thank you cards, a glittery star, a gift tag, an ‘M’ badge, and a lovely lavender heart.

5. And I’m sure you can guess what’s next… Pin your peg onto the end of each string, et VOILA! You’ve got a fabulous wall feature.


How easy was it? 5/5

It couldn’t have been easier. I made mine in between cooking dinner for some friends (always the multi-tasker!) and had it proudly displayed on the wall before we had even sat down to eat.

How much fun did I have? 5/5

It was really fun to make, partly due to how simple it was, and because you can just fill it with whatever takes your fancy at the time. I’m going to make sure I update it every month or so, to make sure there’s always something fun and new to catch my eye. I’ll also add a seasonal flower / some greenery to it each week, which I think is a lovely touch.

Does Pinterest lie?

Absolutely not, although once again the lighting in my living room is questionable compared to Mollie Makes’ fab professional photography! I’m sure there are some great ways you could adapt this, especially at Christmas when you could make it a really great feature with lots of seasonal and festive inspiration.