Meg’s Makes: Week 5 - Gold Leaf Flower Pot

For this week’s make I thought I would update a rather tired flower pot. I used gold leaf to give it a fancy new look, just in time for Spring! It took a little bit of guesswork, but ended up looking lovely and I’m now getting to work creating an army of snazzy gold pots to line my shelves and mantelpiece with.

If you’d like to have a go, here’s what you’ll need….



  • Wide, flat brush
  • Acrylic gold size / gilding paste
  • Gold / copper / silver leaf
  • A flower pot in need of some TLC

TIME: 20 mins

COST: £11 (£5 - gilding paste, £6 - gold leaf)

I took a little pinch of gold leaf from a friend who already had some, and it goes a really long way - you could probably make 50 pots!


1. Remove the contents of your pot, then clean and dry it.

2. Lie the pot on it’s side and paint on the gilding paste wherever you plan to turn it gold - take it section by section, don’t do the whole lot at once.

3. Leave the paste for a few minutes to go tacky, and just test with your finger to see if it’s ready. It should be really quite sticky - if you don’t leave it long enough then the gold won’t stick.

4. Apply the gold leaf flakes with the end of your finger - I am 100% sure there’s a far more professional way to do this by the way, but it worked for me! Just take a little bit at a time and dab it on, making sure to flatten the flakes out and check that there aren’t any double layers, as these won’t stick. Keep going until you’ve covered the whole area.

5. VOILA. You can now officially be known as Rumpelstiltskin!


How easy was it? 4/5

It’s really simple and effective - you’ve just got to make sure you leave the gilding paste long enough to go tacky, otherwise the gold will just slide off.

How much fun did I have? 4/5

It was loads of fun, and the feeling of turning everything I touched to gold was pretty great! It creates a lovely effect and you could make whatever pattern you like - the gold leaf is really easy to manipulate.

How useful will the skill be in future? 4/5

It’ll be super handy, and I’ll definitely be adding gold to lots more household items. I’m planning to make some wall art soon (maybe a little ambitious) and I will of course share how that works out…!

Does Pinterest lie?

Once again, Pinterest has not deceived me. You just need to put a little bit of time into it, and some patience (it’s quite repetitive) and you’ll end up with something that looks like it’s straight out of Anthropologie! Spot on.