Meg’s Makes: Week 7 - Potato Stamp Cushion Cover

I wanted to make this week’s make a thrifty one, so I based it around the fabric paint I bought last week and had a think about what else I could create. I happened to have a lonely white cushion cover which was begging for a more cheery look, so I thought I’d get stamping…

Here’s what you need to make your own….



• A couple of standard potatoes (washed!)
• Vegetable knife
• Craft knife
• Cushion cover / pillowcase / tea towel…
• Fabric paint or dye
• Paint brush

TIME: 10 mins
COST: £0 (I bought the fabric dye for last week’s make)

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN 1. Cut your potato in half so that you have a wide, flat surface. Use your craft knife to cut out the shape of your stamp - if it’s a complicated design then maybe draw the shape out first. The design only needs to stand about half a centimetre above the remainder of the potato.

2. Lie the cushion cover out on a flat surface and put something waterproof (like a recycling bag) in the middle between the 2 layers of fabric, so that the dye doesn’t bleed through to the back.

3. Make sure you dry your potato with a bit of kitchen towel first, and then paint the dye onto the stamp area.

4. Time to get stamp happy! Paint new dye on each time, and make sure you press down across the whole potato - I found I kept missing out little gaps. However this does add to the ‘handmade’ effect and looks quite fun!

5. Lay your material flat and leave to dry overnight, just to be safe. And that’s it - you should be able to wash the fabric in 72 hours depending what dye you’ve bought.

6. Congrats - you can now add ‘textile designer’ to your ever-growing list of DIY skills!


How easy was it? 5/5
It’s the easiest and most fun DIY project ever! I managed to do this at the kitchen table, between dinner and dessert, and after a large glass of wine…

How much fun did I have? 4/5
It’s so enjoyable and I would absolutely recommend it. It would be SUCH a great craft to get kids to join in with too.

How useful will the skill be in future? 5/5
It will be infinitely handy! All my gifts from now on will be created via a lovely little spud. Stamped t-shirts, teatowels, napkins, bed linen… You name it! And they’ll be wrapped in potato stamped paper of course!

Does Pinterest lie?
Pinterest is so far as honest (but thankfully not as cruel) as my bedroom mirror. Which is a surprise! No porky pies here at all.