Meg’s Makes: Week 8 - Upcycled Stool

This week’s make is inspired by our lovely friend Sonia at London Craft Club, who has teamed up with the fashion-friendly sustainability charity Hubbub for their fantastic #MayDoandMend challenge. There’s more info on it here -

Their challenge inspired me to make use of what I’ve already got at home, and so I dug out a little wooden stool I’ve been meaning to spruce up for a while and gave it a whole new personality!

Here’s how I livened up turquoise Trudy…



Large paintbrush - a nice big round/oval one works best

Small paintbrush

Chalk Paint

A small piece of furniture in need of a lot of love!

TIME: 2 hours (between cooking dinner and doing 2 loads of washing)

COST: £0 - paint was from a previous project, and the stool from my mum’s attic!

PS. You can buy Annie’s lovely paints for as little as £6.45 for a 100ml pot -


1. Wipe down stool / chair with a damp cloth and give it a quick dry. Simple as that, you’re ready to go!

2. Use masking tape to cover the sections you’re not painting initially, so you don’t get any messy lines.

3. Mix up your colours - I mixed Florence (2 parts) with Pure (1 part) to get the turquoise, and French Linen (2 parts) with Pure (1 part) for the grey.

4. Paint on a nice thin layer as a base, and add another in about 30 mins once it has dried.

5. Move on to the next colour once it has fully dried. I made sure to leave a reasonable gap between any areas where the colours meet, and went back to fill those in with a tiny brush at the end. I definitely don’t have a steady enough hand to go for it first time!

6. Once you’ve done 2 layers of both colours, get your stamping ideas at the ready while you leave the paint for another 30 mins to dry.

7. I made a little potato stamp arrow head and added some more white to my turquoise paint mix to get a slightly lighter shade. Paint the colour onto your stamp with a brush, and stamp away. You could make anything - or even do some lovely hand lettering on the top of the seat.

8. Get your windows right open to air it, and grab a cup of tea and pop your feet up. Now it’s time to watch the requests FLOODING in to your inbox, you fancy furniture creator, you!


How easy was it? 4/5

The best thing about using Chalk Paint is have to do quite literally zero prep. No sanding or anything! You can just get straight in there with no fuss. And if you go wrong, jsut paint straight over it. Couldn’t be easier!

How much fun did I have? 4/5

This has been my favourite project so far. I loved seeing this sad little stool turn from being a bit drab to really vibrant and fun, and it’s now a great addition to my living room!

How useful will the skill be in future? 4/5

It’s always preferable to give a bit of love something you already own, rather than spending on something new. We’re so quick to get rid of things these days, and I think it’s so much fun to give something a total overhaul. Far more satisfying than just buying off the shelf. I’ll certainly be giving lots more furniture a makeover in future.

Does Pinterest lie?

Pinterest is still yet to play a cheeky trick on me! It was full of inspiration but I decided to go down my own route this time, rather than copying something I’d already seen. I hope you like it!