Meg’s Makes: Week 9 - Paper Posies

This week’s make is a quick and chirpy one. Please meet my pot of paper hyacinths! They didn’t come out exactly as I expected, but they’re quite fun and would definitely be an enjoyable little make to do with kids. Here’s how to grow your own…!



A4 green card

Coloured paper or tissue paper


PVA glue

Double-sided sticky tape

TIME: 20 mins

COST: £0 - I had an assortment of coloured paper and card hanging around and looking for a new place to call home!


1. Cut A4 green card into 3 strips, lengthways. Take one piece, and stick a line of double-sided tape along the longer side - leave the covering on for now. Roll up the card into a skinny tube, using a pencil to wrap it around to make the initial shape if you need. Peel of the back of the sticky tape and roll it up, sticking together to create a lovely long green stem! Repeat a few times for as many stems as you need.

2. Now onto the flowers… Cut an A4 piece of coloured paper in half lengthways, then make incisions all the way along the piece of paper, stopping about a centimetre (or less) before you reach the edge of the card. Make these cuts about 1cm wide.

3. Starting from one edge, roll each strip downwards, all the way to the base - wrap around something thin to create a super tight curl. l used a pencil but I would probably pick something thinner next time, as my curls have come undone in a very flamboyant fashion now! Maybe go for a skewer, or knitting needle. I would also suggest

4. Once you’ve curled all of the strips, pop a line of glue along the flat edge of the coloured paper and start winding it around the stem, starting from the very top. Once you get to the bottom, keep it pinched for 30 secs so that it doesn’t ping undone.

5. Repeat for 5 or 6 stems, and just like magic, you’ve got a beautiful bunch of blooms that’ll never droop or die!


How easy was it? 4/5

Now this is the first time I’ve not been entirely convinced by a make… The little twirls started off really tidy and small, and having been left overnight they have expanded and become big, fluffy, and entirely non-hyacinth like! As above, I would possibly secure the rolls with a dab of glue next time, to stop them from unrolling. Aside from that, it was quick and fun - I even got the 2 boys I live with to help out! Although it now looks like quite an amusing display, it has brightened up my hallway which is just what I needed!

How much fun did I have? 3/5

It was fun but also a little frustrating in when trying to get the curls right. I had to keep re-rolling them!

How useful will the skill be in future? 2/5

This was more of a speedy and silly make, than a skill to develop for future projects.

Does Pinterest lie?

The versions I found on Pinterest were definitely much more hyacinth like than mine, and I imagine they took a lot longer! However I think this can be solved with a knitting needle and a dab of glue - there’s nothing a craft cupboard can’t fix!