The Green at Hampton Court Palace
14-16 September 2018

Craft to Metal


Craft kits are all the rage these days - but while there is plenty out there for knitting and crochet, you would be forgiven for thinking that jewellery kits are limited to friendship bracelets. But if you have ever wanted to design your own metal cufflinks, pendant, bead or belt buckle, look no further than Craft to Metal - an innovative craft kit that brings the joys of jewellery design to everybody. With no need for specialist tools or machinery, the Craft to Metal kit is suitable for all ages. The kit comes with a non-toxic clay, modeling accessories and full instructions. Simply sculpt the clay, bake it in a home oven and return it to the Craft to Metal specialist workshop. The bespoke creation will then be cast into metal, electroplated and returned ready for enjoyment. Indeed, one of the Craft to Metal offerings ideal for gifting is the ‘Mizpah kit’ - a revival of an old Victorian tradition where close friends and family would exchange tokens stamped with the word Mizpah as an expression of their emotional bond. The Craft to Metal kit transforms your hand creation into a high-quality long-lasting keepsake. What will your imagination create?

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Craft to Metal