The Green at Hampton Court Palace
14-16 September 2018



Inspired by all things whimsical, magical and a little bit strange, I make artist bears and textile sculptures that bring their very own once upon a time. Fairytales have always captivated me in their beauty and character, ever since I was a little girl and I aim for my creations to echo this same sense of wonder we all experienced in our childhood. My mum has always been and always will be my true source of inspiration as it was her that has allowed my creativity to flourish and to grow into the quirky characters and designs you see today. Now, working in partnership, my mum and I now run our shop in the heart of Belper where we both work hand in hand making and sourcing all things quirky and fantastical. To my mum, my best friend, thank you for making my little light shine :)

Tel: 01773828883